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Update: Saturday 19 February 2022

The Government has announced that, from Monday 21 February, there is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test for Covid. Other restrictions are also being relaxed or removed.

Scientific evidence suggests that Covid has not gone away. Infection rates and death rates remain very high, and medical professions are asking the Government not to make these changes.  

In response, our Churches will operate as follows:

1.  We strongly recommend that everyone attending Church continues to wear a face covering. We believe that wearing a suitable face covering saves lives. Please bring your own.

2.  We continue to request that everyone entering our buildings practises socially distancing.

3.  Hand gel will be offered when you enter the building.

4.  We will continue to operate a system of trace and trace and will ask for valid contact details. These data will not be used for school-attendance purposes.

5.  We strongly advise that the following do not attend our services at present:

Anyone with an underlying health condition.

Anyone who should be isolating.

Anyone who lives in a ‘bubble’ with someone who should be isolating.

Covid infections are rising fast: see the statistics here.

Services of divine worship

Holy Communion is offered in one kind only, so only bread wafers.

Services will not involve singing or sharing the peace.


Baptism Services can be attended by the number that complies with our risk assessment.

Wedding Services can be attended by the number that complies with our risk assessment.

Funeral Services can be attended by the number that complies with our risk assessment.

Activities and group Both Church Halls are opened for activities. Those activities must comply with the Government ‘roadmap’.

Food co-operative The Hall at St Barnabas’ Church is open for pre-arranged visits to the Food co-operative.

Wednesday services

Holy Trinity (Waterhead) at 7:00 pm



Message from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Latest advice from NHS England

Latest advice from Church of England (includes advice, resources, and FAQs)

Latest advice from Diocese of Manchester

Latest advice from Oldham Council

Latest advice from HM Government

Spiritual resources

Online resources

For pdf transcripts of services and YouTube videos in our two Churches, please click here.

For copies of the Churches’ magazine, please click here.

The Church of England have produced some Prayers at home (pdf) Some of the prayers will be useful when praying with children.

This site Prayers at home gives sample liturgies, prayers, patterns of prayer, recommended Bible verses.

Prayer for today (from the Church of England website) includes links to services of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer (both Common Worship)

Church of England app with prayers and liturgy (Common Worship)


Downloadable resources

Guide to outdoor guided meditation (pdf with thanks to Oakwood Forest Church)

Prayers for children and families (MS-Word)

Resources for worship at home (MS-Word)

When you feel anxious (pdf file)


Church services

The BBC is planning to broadcast one live service each Sunday. Please look at your TV listings for more details.

Details of some Churches that plan to stream services (BBC website)

Helping our children

Child-friendly explanation of Coronavirus (pdf)

Help with tech (Government resources and advice)

Talking to children about Coronavirus (pdf, produced by the British Psychological society)

Guidance from educational psychology for parents supporting their children during COVID-19 (pdf, produced by Oldham Council’s Educational and Child Psychology Service)