St Barnabas’ Church
Clarksfield, Oldham


About our services




Service styles

Our congregation is a welcoming community. The atmosphere is prayerful, supportive and rich in fellowship. We hope that visitors will find us friendly and welcoming.

A small robed choir helps lead Sunday worship. During our worship, our vicar wears robes of the appropriate liturgical colours.

Lay participation is well established. For example, the intercessions and Bible readings, and Eucharistic ministry are also undertaken on a rota, with younger members helping particularly during the monthly family service.



Sunday school meets most weeks of the school year. It’s good. We invite children to stay with their parents in all services or to join the crèche and Sunday school, which both meet in the Church Hall. The choice is entirely yours.

Children are very welcome: the congregation likes having children around, and will understand on those rare occasions when they get a little restless.






Food and refreshment

After each Sunday service we serve tea, coffee and soft drinks in the main Church Hall. All of it is Fair Trade … of course. (Our altar wine is also Fair Trade.)

We often follow a service with food such as brunch or a faith lunch. And it doesn’t stop there. We regularly hold barbecues and other social events in which good food accompanies our rich social life.

Finally, each Monday we host a good affordable Community Café in the Church Hall.


Disability and special needs

The entire building is easily accessed by anyone with mobility problems, or has a wheelchair.

The Church has a brand new sound system. We recommend that anyone with a hearing aid switches it to the ‘T’ position on entry to the church.

We have good-quality toilet facilities for the disabled, which also contains recently-installed baby-changing facilities.


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Page posted 5 September 2015